9 Ways to Find Out the Things Your Boyfriend is Unhappy With, But Won’t Tell You

It’s natural to want to understand your boyfriend’s true feelings, so that you know he’s not bottling up any dissatisfaction. But many guys hold back when asked if there’s anything wrong, and it can be difficult to get them to talk. We carried out a survey amongst guys, and in this article we introduce 9 ways to find out the things your boyfriend is unhappy with, but won’t tell you.

1. Open up a frank discussion: “Shall we have a talk, and tell each other if there’s anything we’re unhappy about?”

“Well, if it goes both ways, I can express myself more easily.” This technique can help him overcome any hesitation when it comes to voicing his complaints. You don’t want things escalating into a fight, though, so it may be best to keep your own complaints light.