5 Ways to Get Close to a Guy Who is “More Than a Friend But Not Quite A Lover”

It’s frustrating when you’re really hitting it off with someone, but things aren’t moving forward. If you don’t want your interactions to end in uncertainty, try to win his heart when you’re hanging out alone. We asked single women in their teens to their 20s to share their opinions on the topic. Below, we introduce ways to get close to a guy who is more than a friend, but less than a lover.

1. Choose to sit next to him rather than in front of him.

Change where you sit when you’re hanging out with him in order to create a more romantic mood. “You feel more like a couple when you sit closely next to each other than when you sit facing each other,” commented a woman in her 20s. If you have a choice between sitting at a table or the counter when you’re out, make sure you pick the counter seats.