9 Compliments to Make His Days Brighter

In seasoned relationships, you tend to get too comfortable and expect the periods of “silence” to communicate what’s on your mind. You think you can read each other’s mind, but he will appreciate a compliment from time to time. Even if it sounds superficial to you, an occasional compliment has never hurt anyone and, in some cases, it may be the key to a happy, long-lasting relationship. Today, we will introduce 9 compliments that guys like to hear.

1. “You are the coolest!” – Compliment his looks

“Cool” is the most versatile form of compliment you can use and most men feel empowered by it. You may even want to upgrade to “the coolest” when you describe your boyfriend. It may sound almost too simple, but he will be delighted to hear that. One note of caution, though: Don’t let him know you fantasize about celebrities behind his back! “Cool” will not be convincing anymore.