9 Phrases to Scold Your Boyfriend Who Keeps Complaining, “I Want to Quit My Job…”

Your boyfriend enthusiastically made his debut as a working adult, but he got sick of it very quickly. You would want to gently encourage him in such a situation—although if he keeps expressing discontentment, you may need to comment quite sternly. We surveyed men to introduce to you “9 Phrases to Scold Your Boyfriend Who Keeps Complaining, ‘I Want to Quit My Job…’”

1. Brush it off coldly, like “Oh, okay, go ahead and quit then!”

“She became sarcastic, and pointed out that I would have to start a job search all over again. That would be hard…so it cooled me down.” Wake him up by giving him a cold response. If his intent to quit doesn’t seem serious, there is no need for you to take him seriously and worry that he would actually do it.

2. Question him: “What are you going to do after you quit?

“I was not thinking ahead, so her comment made me hesitate.” Catch him by surprise with questions about his future plans. Even if he outright argues against you, point out how unprepared he is with a comment such as, “Did you just come up with this?”

3. Point out something obvious, like “You just want to escape from your unfamiliar job and your seniors.”

“She said, ‘In short, you are scared of making a mistake.’ I was startled!” It might be also effective to nail down his true intentions. By pinpointing your boyfriend’s shortcomings when he is talking big, you might be able to guide him into understanding that he was just looking for any kind of excuse.

4. Show your amazement, like “You suddenly get energized when it’s pay day…”

“She’s right. I wouldn’t think of quitting on a pay day (LOL).” You could expose his cheeky personality. You could stall for time by bringing up the subject of money, like “Why don’t you wait until the month you get a bonus?” By the time that rolls around, he might already have forgotten about quitting.

5. Point out a few home truths, like “These days it’s harder to seek re-employment.”

“She made so much sense when she pointed that ‘Don’t think that you can change jobs that easily!’” Cool him down by reminding him about the harsh realities of the job market. You could even exaggerate a little if you need to intimidate your optimistic boyfriend.

6. Ignite your boyfriend’s competitiveness, like “So I understand your friend is now an assistant manager.”

“When I heard about my classmate’s success, I got motivated and realized that this is not the time to complain!” Establishing a rival can have an immediate effect. However, if you use your ex-boyfriend as an example, the conversation is unlikely to go well. It would be better to name some of your mutual friends.

7. Show your disappointment, like “I can’t marry someone without a job.”

“After knowing that my girlfriend sees her future with me, it got me back on track.” Indicating your intention to marry him is a reckless move to make. He might grow distrustful that you are in a rush if you go as far as to state your demands in detail. It’s safer just to drop a few hints.

8. Give it to him with both barrels blazing, like “You are so wrong to think you are the only one having a hard time!”

“She got annoyed and said ‘I’m breaking up with you if you are going to keep whining!’ I realized that I was behaving like a spoiled kid…” This is a way to scold your boyfriend in order to silence him. As long as you wait until after you have heard what he has to say, he won’t be able to snap back at you with, “You are a cold-hearted woman.”

9. Repeatedly discourage him, like “If you want to make money, you have to make an effort.”

“I am grateful that she made me realize I need to overcome hardships to become fully independent.” He might change his mind if you present him with a logical argument. There’s even a possibility that he will fall in love with you again, thinking how glad he is to have such a rational girlfriend.