9 Reasons Why Men Prefer Normal Girls Over “Drop-Dead Gorgeous” Girls

Drop-dead gorgeous girls are the stereotypical ideal of female beauty, but when it comes to actually dating, many men prefer ordinary girls. We survey men on this topic, and today we’ll share nine reasons why men prefer normal girls over drop-dead gorgeous girls.

1. Beautiful girls seem prideful and hard to get close too

“I would always have to be on my guard, so we probably wouldn’t be able to get very close.” Drop-dead gorgeous girls have a negative image of being prideful, and for this reason, many men give them a wide berth. Normal girls have a head start when it comes to naturally growing closer with guys.

2. Guys feel like they can be their true selves when dating a normal girl

“I want a girl who I can speak my mind and reveal my weaknesses to.” When they’re with a gorgeous girl, many men just can’t relax and act naturally. This suggests that a normal girl, who men feel like they can be themselves around, is a preferable partner for many men.

3. They feel as if there’s a “wall” between them and a girl whose clothes and makeup are always perfect

“She’ll probably reject me because we’re not well matched in terms of looks.” Many guys aren’t very confident in their appearance, so they unintentionally erect a mental wall between gorgeous girls and themselves. This probably explains why girls wearing normal and not especially fashionable clothes create an intimate atmosphere that goes over well with many guys.

4. There aren’t many rivals for a normal girl’s affections, and he doesn’t have to worry about another guy snatching her away

“Beautiful women are arrogant when it comes to love.” Many men report feeling uneasy with the thought that beautiful women are usually surrounded by adoring men, which means more rivals for him. It might be only natural, then, that many men prefer ordinary girls who are less likely to have a dating history long enough to fill a book.

5. Normal girls awaken a man’s natural protective instincts more than confident beauties

“Drop-dead gorgeous girls always give me the feeling that they’d be just fine without me.” Men enjoy feeling needed by their partner, so they feel an instinctual pull towards regular girls who seem to need their protection. It’s often said that being dependent on a man is essential to being popular with them.

6. Men are drawn to women with charming, caring personalities

“It doesn’t matter if she’s not exceptionally beautiful. I prefer girls who are caring and smile a lot.” Many men who think a woman’s personality and the way she treats others are more important than her looks. You could say these men are looking for “nice girls” rather than beautiful ones.

7. Their inner beauty is easy to see without blindingly good looks getting in the way

“Even if she’s gorgeous, I couldn’t date a girl who doesn’t have the same values as me.” Quite a few men look at a girl’s moral character first before deciding if they’re interested in dating her. Lots of guys don’t think you can have a successful relationship if you’re too captivated by the girl’s outward appearance. Men often fear becoming putty in the hands of a beautiful woman.

8. Unlike gorgeous women, who always make them nervous, being with normal girls makes men feel relaxed and rejuvenated

“Being around gorgeous girls is so exhausting; I’m always nervous, and I can’t relax at all!” Men feel more at ease around normal women who make them feel like they can be themselves than they do around outstandingly beautiful girls who make them feel a lot of pressure to measure up. They are always working hard to appear confident and capable at work, so it makes sense that men would seek partners who make them feel relaxed.

9. Girls who put on a “cutesy” act actually come across as more feminine

“If they’re too cool and confident, even gorgeous girls don’t seem feminine at all to me.” Many men say that they prefer women whose behavior and way of speaking come across as feminine, even if it’s a little over-done. Even if you have to put on a bit of an act, that’s not such a bad thing if you can attract men that way, is it?