5 Moments When He Spontaneously Hugs Her

Many men fall short when it comes to expressing their feelings openly. Even so, there are moments when their emotions can build and overflow because of a simple gesture from you. Today, we asked a group of single, young men in their late teens to 20s, to share their experiences of when they were so moved that they hugged their girlfriends instinctively.

1. When he saw you looking for him in public.

“We decided to meet up in a busy mall and when I showed up, she was scanning person after person in the crowd trying to find me. I was touched knowing she didn’t want to just sit there waiting for me to show up,” an observant young man in his late teens tells us. Instead of fiddling with your cell phone or staring at the ceiling aimlessly, he’ll be impressed with you for sure if he sees you trying to actively find him at the very moment he walks in. If you happen to arrive a lot earlier than the promised time, he’s going to be even more amazed at your level of enthusiasm for going on a date with him.