5 Cues That Are Easy for Any Man to Understand

It takes a lot for women to initiate contact with men and, unfortunately, men are usually oblivious to such advances. You drop a hint here and there, trying to send the message that you are fond of him, but he is totally unaware of your efforts. Today, we asked a number of men to name some of the easiest cues to understand. The ones that are so easy, even the most dull-witted guy won’t be able to miss.

1. I mentioned my hobby, and she was eager to learn more about it.

“It could be a coincidence that we shared the same hobby, but it certainly felt good to have something in common with her,” a man in his 20s recalled. Showing interest in something he feels passionate about is the quickest way to get to know him better. If you happen to enjoy the same activity, the attraction will be instant, and he may invite you to some events and gatherings to share in the excitement.