“That’s Going A Little Too Far.” 5 Over-the-Top Expressions of Love That Scare Your Boyfriend Away

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the intense feeling of love you have for your boyfriend. Nevertheless, when you’re expressing your love for him, you should know his limits in order to avoid going over the top. We asked single guys in their teens and their 20s to share their opinions on the subject. Below are five over-the-top expressions of love that are sure to scare your boyfriend away.

1. Showing up to his school or work without letting him know.

Your boyfriend might find you creepy for lurking around the area where he usually spends his day. “This is called stalking!” a teen mentioned. You might’ve intended it to be a surprise, but your boyfriend might consider it an unwelcome gesture if he’s not mentally prepared for it. Before you surprise him at his school or work, just ask him something straightforward like, “I’d love to see you. Can I come by?”