8 Things Guys Find Cute About a Woman Other Than Her Face

There are some women that don’t really have a “cute” face but seem to be popular with the guys. There was probably a distinct face or two that popped into your mind when you read that statement. So what is it exactly that attracts men to these women? We took survey opinions from men to make “8 things guys find cute about a woman other than her face,” to give you a look into the male psyche.

1. She’s a bit of klutz.

“I like a girl whose unpredictable little actions make me laugh.” There are quite a few men out there who say they like a girl who is a little different, and a little hard to predict. Girls who are a bit clumsy also come off as less calculating, more honest, and more pure. “It’s also something you can’t acquire. It has to come naturally,” claim a portion of men who can be die-hard fans of girls with this trait.