8 Things Guys Find Cute About a Woman Other Than Her Face

There are some women that don’t really have a “cute” face but seem to be popular with the guys. There was probably a distinct face or two that popped into your mind when you read that statement. So what is it exactly that attracts men to these women? We took survey opinions from men to make “8 things guys find cute about a woman other than her face,” to give you a look into the male psyche.

1. She’s a bit of klutz.

“I like a girl whose unpredictable little actions make me laugh.” There are quite a few men out there who say they like a girl who is a little different, and a little hard to predict. Girls who are a bit clumsy also come off as less calculating, more honest, and more pure. “It’s also something you can’t acquire. It has to come naturally,” claim a portion of men who can be die-hard fans of girls with this trait.

2. She has a nice voice, and is a great listener.

“I really like a high voice that rings like a bell. I’ve even fallen for someone before just by the sound of their voice.” The way someone speaks and carries a conversation can really paint a picture of who they are as a person. Some men also feel that, “No matter how pretty someone is, if they speak in a vulgar way, it can be a total turn-off.” For better or for worse, there seem to be ways that a woman can dramatically change how people perceive her, other than changing her looks

3. She can take advice and suggestions gracefully.

“If she looks at me with bright, totally trusting eyes, I feel like telling her everything.” A guy wants to feel trusted enough to have his opinions heard openly and honestly. If a woman can be receptive and open, without arguing against every suggestion made to her, the man in her life will probably appreciate her presence that much more.

4. She has adorable mannerisms and style, like a small fluffy animal.

“I have a weakness for adorable girls… They’re always moving around and when they stare at me with big doe eyes, I can’t help but want to take care of them.” Adorable girls are heart-warming to be around, and very popular. Girls who are exceedingly beautiful can seem hard to approach, but girls who are a bit plain but adorable in their demeanor make people feel at ease, and are a pleasure to be around.

5. She always gives her all, even in trifling matters.

“I really admire a woman who can work toward her goals.” A lot of men voiced their attraction to hardworking girls. Dedication and effort reflect on a woman’s inner strength and beauty, and attract people to her positive, admirable merits. Just her presence alone seems to bring value to her surroundings.

6. She is very expressive, turning bright red when embarrassed.

“I’m a sucker for a girl who turns bright when she’s embarrassed, or gets so genuinely mad about something that it’s almost adorable.” Some men feel their heartstrings pulled by a woman who can show a wide range of genuine emotion. Apathy is generally unattractive. But, if a normally stoic girlfriend is so touched by something she cries tears of happiness, the expression of emotion is that much more touching.

7. She’s considerate and supportive about the little things.

“I’m really impressed when a womon is considerate of the people around her, and notices the little things, like calling for a waiter when someone’s glass is empty.” A person is really attractive when she can be mindful of those around her, and doesn’t need to be the center of attention all of the time. It’s also nice if a woman can also listen to others’ success stories and genuinely congratulate them, without feeling a need to interrupt or cut down their self-esteem.

8. She has a lovely smile.

“Nothing is better than a woman who has a great smile.” Happiness is contagious, and a person who is full of warm smiles is appreciated more than her beautiful (but expressionless) counterpart. In fact, out of the men surveyed, an overwhelming number said they liked “a girl with a cute smile.” An important takeaway seems to be that it never hurts to smile.