8 Simple Things You Can Do to Keep His Affection

You are deeply in love with him and you want to spend every waking hour with him. Despite your unwavering affection, the relationship can get “stale” and boring with time. Today, in our unprecedented large-scale survey, we asked female respondents about how they keep the passion alive in their relationships. You can learn from these women how they enhance their relationships.

1. “Love you!” expressed in words.

“Because he is too shy to express his feelings, I do it for the both of us. It creates a loving environment.” Others mentioned, “I told him I loved him and he blushed like it was our first date.” The word “love,” especially when verbalized, works wonders to maintain the sweetness and tenderness in your relationship. But be careful not to pester him. In some cases we heard, “I asked him if he loved me and he snapped at me that I was annoying him!” If your boyfriend is not the type to say these words, don’t force him.