“She must be my soulmate!” 5 Signs He Feels Destined to be With You

Some relationships start out casually as two individuals who find they feel comfortable in each other’s company. Others start with the lightning-like revelation that you’ve discovered your soulmate. Today, we surveyed single men between the ages of 18 and 25, and gathered some examples of the extraordinary moments when they felt that they’d met the love of their lives.

1. He happened to be near you when he was experiencing a dramatic event.

“One day, I saw a spectacular rainbow after a heavy rain shower, and I fell in love with the woman who was standing right by me,” recalls a young man in his late teens. Some feel a strong connection by sharing a memorable life event together. If you’ve been wanting to get to know him better, you may want to invite him to watch the sunset together, or to star gaze with you. The process seems deliberate, but the experience will be priceless.