9 Ways You Might Accidentally Make a Man Think “She’s So Into Me!”

Has it ever happened that, although you didn’t mean anything by it, something you did or said was misinterpreted by a man as “She’s totally got a crush on me, right?!”? We interviewed men about this topic and today we’ll be introducing “9 ways you might accidentally make a man think “She’s so into me!””

1. By insistently offering him a drink from your glass

“She’s being pretty bold, going straight for the good old ‘indirect-kiss’ trick!” Although you only intended to let him try your drink, he might think that by urging him to drink from the same place where your lips were just touching, you’re offering him more than just a sip of your drink. Unless it’s a very close male friend who you’re sure won’t misunderstand, it’s probably better not to offer him a drink directly from your glass.