“She’s definitely the one for me!” 5 Moments When Men Are Convinced They Picked the Right Girl

Most people are never satisfied with their current situation, even when they are in love. When falling in love, we ache to have our affection reciprocated, and when we’re in a relationship, we yearn to monopolize the affection. You want him to think that you’re “it” for him and that no one else can fill your presence. So when does he start feeling convinced that you’re the right girlfriend for him? Today, we gathered some examples of these special moments from young men.

1. She looks after him when he is sick.

When he’s at his weakest, having a nurturing girlfriend by his side will bring some much-needed comfort to his mind. “I’m really loved,” he’ll think, assured that the relationship is as strong as ever. Some even consider the future together when they see their girlfriends working tirelessly to prepare chicken soup or getting medicine for them. It’s a great opportunity to show your gentle and caring side, and he’ll be able to picture sharing a happy domestic life with you.