5 Strange Behaviors A Shy Guy May Exhibit in Front of a Woman He Likes

Some young men nowadays, including so-called metrosexual men, can be extremely passive when it comes to love and relationships. They often take a back seat in approaching the women they like. Worse, they may even fall victim to a high-pressured situation and end up exhibiting absurd behavior in the presence of a special person. Today, based on our latest survey, we will share some of the strangest behaviors men displayed in a bid of desperation.

1. When faced with the woman of his dreams (i.e. you), he becomes clumsy and awkward.

Even though he can communicate with you perfectly fine via email or telephone, when you show up in front of him, he suddenly seems nervous. “I kept checking her reactions. When she said something, I only came up with ‘Wow’ and ‘Sure’ in response to her,” an embarrassed young man in his late teens tells us. “I got too nervous—my mouth was completely dry and my palms got clammy,” describes a man in his 20s. Remarkably, we discovered that there are quite a few men who draw a blank in front of the woman they like.