5 Strange Behaviors A Shy Guy May Exhibit in Front of a Woman He Likes

3. He cannot help staring at you and he looks away when your eyes meet.

Instead of actually starting a conversation with you, he feels content just by staring at you. “I feel blissful just by looking at her. If she finds out I’ve been staring at her, she may find me creepy, so I look away,” explains a young man in his early 20s. “I try to keep the right distance from her, where it’s not too close, but she can still see me and I can patiently wait for her to strike up a conversation with me,” describes a man in his 20s. These types of men are generally passive and reluctant to make the first move. You need to take a chance and take the first step, or neither of you will ever find the opportunity to get to know each other.