5 Moments When Guys Who Are Happily Single Suddenly Wish They Had a Girlfriend

It’s hard to tell a guy who is happily single that you are interested in him. But you still have a chance, because every guy has moments when he gets lonely. This time, we asked guys to share their opinions on the topic, and introduce five moments when guys who are happily single suddenly wish they had a girlfriend.

1. When he’s sick in bed and there’s no one to care for him.

He might enjoy his bachelor life, but he will want someone to care for him when he’s sick. “I feel like crying when I have nothing to eat in the fridge, and I have a fever and can’t go anywhere,” a guy in his 20s wrote. If you hear that your crush is sick, send him a message to show him you care. You can say something like, “Are you okay? Do you want me to bring you something to eat?” Soup is always a great option.