8 Moments When Guys Start to Fall for Their Female Friends

She’s the friend he gets along and the one he can be honest with. He always thought of her as a good friend, but something happened and all of a sudden he sees her as more than just a friend. Surprisingly, many guys have this experience. This time, we conducted a survey and asked guys about “moments when they start to fall for their female friends.” Let’s take a look at what they said.

1. When he realized how comfortable he feels around her.

“I don’t get stressed when I’m around her.” “I realized she’s the one who calms me down.” As the above quotes describe, “feeling comfortable” was a common theme among opinions we gathered. Many guys talked about “comfort.” It’s great to fall in love at first sight and to feel that rush of emotions, but you can take things slow and let your love develop without even realizing it.