9 Reasons You’ll Want to Ask, “Are You Sure You Have a Winner?”

Your single friend finally has a boyfriend and you want to be happy for her. But you somehow feel like you can’t give your blessing, or maybe you even feel like you should try and stop the relationship! What kind of guy might cause you to feel that way? For this article, we surveyed young women to bring you 9 reasons you may want to ask, “Are you sure you have a winner?”

1. He’s a grown up, but he doesn’t work and just hangs around all day.

“My friend was always paying for everything on their dates, and I wanted to tell her, ‘He’s just stringing you along!’” In some cases, your friend’s boyfriend may be unemployed and making no effort to do anything about it. Women who are always busy with work are more likely to take up with a guy who’s free to see them anytime, so you may want to warn your career-oriented friends to be careful!