“She’s Too Much…” When You Become a Pain in the Neck to Him

He was fine a minute ago, but all of a sudden, he seems annoyed about something and you don’t know what. Everyone has experienced this once or twice in the past. If he refuses to tell you why he’s upset, the reason could well be something you said or did. What exactly ticks men off? Today, we introduce you to a few situations where men feel that you crossed the line.

1. You are persistent with your texts and phone calls.

Most men do not feel it is necessary to be in constant contact with others. Even if you don’t mean to upset him, texting every 10 minutes will annoy him. It may be your intention to show that you care about him, but this much contact will have an adverse effect. Make it a simple personal rule that if you have already texted him, you’ll wait for his reply before you text again.