6 Confessions from Guys Who Don’t Like to Get Touchy-Feely with Their Girlfriends

Some girls like to show affection physically when they are with their boyfriends. Nevertheless, there are probably some times when your boyfriend doesn’t make a move to get close to you or reciprocate when you take the initiative. You must wonder what your boyfriend is thinking when he is not physically affectionate. In this article, we introduce six confessions from guys who don’t like to get touchy-feely with their girlfriends.

1. They don’t like public displays of affection

Your boyfriend might not be a big fan of PDA or being touchy-feely front of your friends. In this case, your boyfriend is likely a sensible guy who knows how to be considerate to those around him. If you force yourself on him, he might get the impression that you are inconsiderate. If your boyfriend is like this, he should be more receptive to you when you are alone.