5 Ways to Encourage Him to Ask You Out Again When You Have to Turn Him Down

When a guy asks to take you out on a day when you’ve already got something planned, you might have to turn him down. But this might discourage him from trying again. What can you say to make sure he’ll ask you out again? Below, based on answers of men that were surveyed, we share five ways to encourage him to ask you out again when you have to say no.

1. Suggest an alternative date by letting him know when you’re free.

Some guys find it easier to approach you again if you suggest an alternative date that you’re available for. “This makes it clear that she didn’t say no because she didn’t want to go out with me. It’s easier to ask her out again if I know when she’s free,” a guy in his 20s explained. If you are using this strategy, make sure you let him know on the spot.