5 Signs That You Need to Get Over Your Long-Term Crush

If you’ve had a one-sided crush on the same guy for many years, you are not alone. Many other women have had the same experience. But, if your feelings are not returned, is there a right time to give up on your crush? This time, we asked single women in their teens to their 20s for their advice, and share five things that tell you to finally get over your long-term crush.

1. When he doesn’t show any interest, despite your continued efforts.

You should give up on your crush when it’s clear that he has no interest in you. “If he doesn’t change the way he treats you, no matter what you do, I think you need to realize he won’t return your feelings,” a woman in her 20s suggested. If you can’t decide whether or not you should move on, consult a female friend who will tell you the truth, and get her to help you come to terms with it.