9 Situations That Helped Her Realize, after Breaking Up, “It’s a Good Thing I Got Out of That Bad Relationship!”

Sometimes a breakup can help people grow, and when breaking things off with a bad boyfriend, there are many instances when a woman realizes that it’s a good thing she broke up with him. Here, we surveyed 189 single women—ranging in age from their teens to their thirties—to bring you 9 situations that helped her realize after breaking up, “It’s a good thing I got out of that bad relationship!”

1. You no longer have to worry and feel anguished about his cheating ways

“I felt like such an idiot, getting so happy or sad about everything he did.” Many women profoundly remember the painful days of being manipulated by their unfaithful boyfriends. If you work up the courage to break up with him, you may be able to taste the sense of freedom that many women feel after escaping from this situation: “I can’t believe I was always feeling so worried.”