9 “Elements of Surprise” That Will Suddenly Impress a Guy

One key ingredient of any attraction between two people is, simply put, “excitement.” You’re lucky if you can get someone to fall in love with you at first sight through looks alone, but if that’s not the case, then you might want to consider trying to capture a guy’s heart with a secondary impression. This article, based on a survey of guys, presents 9 “elements of surprise” that can suddenly improve a guy’s impression of a women.

1. She’s cool when talking in front of others, but uses tons of emojis in her messages.

“It’s like she’s actually soft and cute on the inside, and I really like it.” Guys are susceptible when they learn a girl is surprisingly sweet, especially if they’ve already judged her as distant. The more aloof a girl appears, the more special her emotional messages become. If this is a dynamic you want to test out, try maintaining a little more distance in everyday conversation.