9 Things Guys Think Are Annoying in a New Relationship

New relationships are great. However, it is also an undeniable truth that reality can present issues that are missing from the fantasy we create in our heads about relationships. Some guys find that some of the little things that start to pop up after getting a girlfriend are, frankly, a pain in the butt. We surveyed men to bring you nine things guys think are annoying in a new relationship.

1. She tells him things like, “You have to text me every day!”, even if he has nothing to say

“It really sucks when she starts making arbitrary rules about texting frequency.” Many men feel annoyed when their new girlfriends start making rules about texting a certain number of times every day. Instead of laying down rules, she should try sending him a bunch of short texts throughout the day to encourage frequent texting. This can help make it become a natural feature of their daily routine.