7 Moments a Guy Can’t Resist Taking a Quick Peek at You

Have you ever felt a pair of eyes gazing at you? You may have wondered “Why me?” In fact, many of you have experienced men quickly glancing at you while you were in a public place. But what does it mean? Why do they look at you? Today, we introduce eight times men’s natural instinct is to quickly take a peek at you.

1. He finds you irresistibly cute.

Hands down, it’s guaranteed that men’s eyes will be glued to a cute woman. If you find him peeking at you on and off, there is a good chance that he finds you irresistibly charming. Why not respond to him with a simple smile? You will make his heart jump.

2. He is looking for a chance to talk to you.

If you feel his gaze but he looks away when you turn to him, he may be waiting for the chance to get acquainted with you. If you are still unsure, try saying “Good morning.” If his face lights up, who knows—things may develop further.

3. He is drawn to your sweet aroma.

Men often fall in love with women’s scents. It may be your fragrance that he is attracted to if you sense him gazing at you while he is near you. However, that doesn’t mean you should bathe in perfume. Too much perfume is nothing more than a nuisance to others.

4. You resemble someone he knows.

We often pass people on the street and take a second look because they look like someone we know. It happens more often than we think. He may be staring at you because he thinks you are someone he knows.

5. There is something on your face or clothes.

If you have smeared mascara on your face or if your clothes are dirty, he may be looking at you with pity. You should always take an extra minute to check yourself in the mirror before you leave your house to avoid embarrassing stares.

6. He is eyeing your brand-new cell phone or magazine.

If he is the type who notices trendy, new items, he may be envious of your recently acquired cell phone. If he shares your interest in reading materials, he may be curious about your book or magazine.

7. He is interested in your cute friend.

Say you’re out with your female friends and you feel someone gazing in your direction. Unfortunately, the target of his gaze in this case may not be you. If you feel like someone is looking in your vicinity, check to see if his gaze is directed at you or the person sitting next to you.