5 Messages That Make Your Long-Distant Boyfriend Realize That You’re the One for Him

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, extra effort to renew each other’s feelings is a must. You can’t just sit around thinking that his feelings towards you will never change. You have to work hard to make the relationship stronger than ever. Today, we gathered men who are currently in long-distance relationships and asked them to share their opinions on their current situation. Just what kind of messages can you send that will renew his feeling towards you?

1. List things you are looking forward to do with him when you see him next.

“I can picture my next fun date with her and look forward to it,” smiles a man in his 20s. “Let’s go to that new restaurant next time you’re here,” will add more concrete ideas to an otherwise vague relationship. Be careful not to blow your wish list out of proportion, or it’ll only become a burden to him.