8 Reasons to Stay Friends with Your Ex

Many women say it is best to go no-contact after a break up, kicking the fellow to the curb with a, “I never want to hear from you again!” However, it seems that there are just as many women who are willing to say, “Let’s stay friends.” (Of course, this depends greatly on what kind of person their ex is, and how destructive the breakup was.) We surveyed a selection of women to bring you this article, “8 Reasons to Stay Friends with Your Ex.”

1. You can get a man’s opinion on your love life

“He knows exactly how I am in relationships, so he can give me better advice.” Some former couples are able to ask each other extremely personal questions that would be awkward between normal male and female friends. Your ex is also likely to give a more honest opinion because he isn’t trying to look good in front of you.