5 Reasons Why a Relationship Lasts When You Go Out with the “Next Best” Person

It’s not unusual for a relationship that was built on some compromise to develop into one that is long-lasting and happy. You may not have picked him as your first choice, but you end up with the “next best” man. To your delight, the relationship has more benefits than you had first imagined. Today, we surveyed 500 young single women and asked them to share their opinions on why relationships seem to last longer when they go out with the number two draft pick.

1. You don’t get blinded by the excitement.

“Because I didn’t get swept off my feet, I could be cool and composed in my head, all while maintaining my objectivity,” explains a woman in her late teens. Even though you dream of a dramatic encounter with your future boyfriend, being blinded by love sometimes clouds your judgment. If you have a history of falling in love at first sight and subsequently finding the relationship failing miserably, you may want to try this approach to keep your head clear and in check.