9 Impulses Women Succumb to after Experiencing Heartbreak

After experiencing heartbreak, you feel depressed and don’t feel like doing anything. Still, at some point you get fed up with being depressed and become desperate to escape your gloomy mood. That’s when you’re most likely to make a decision on an impulse. Today, based on survey responses we collected from women, we will introduce you to some of the impulsive decisions other women have taken while recovering from heartbreak.

1. You impulse shop.

“It’s my stress management. I felt so much better after spending money.” This is by far the most common impulse decision after a breakup, or anytime when a woman feels stressed about something. However, don’t forget that the items you purchase on impulse are often items that you don’t really need. You’ll end up stressing over your credit card payments afterwards. When you shop after a breakup, take a stingy friend with you.