9 Reasons Girls Break Up Within 3 Months of Starting a New Relationship

“Let’s start dating today!” Even though you both had feelings for each other at the beginning, everything fell apart in no time at all. This happens to a lot of couples. What kinds of things cause these short relationships? In this installment, we’ll be sharing 9 relationships that end within 3 months, based on a survey of girls with this experience.

1. It was the first time either of us had dated, and we didn’t really know how to interact with one another.

“Conversation and messaging just got awkward, and then the connection we had was gone,” said one girl. In cases like this, people without much experience in relationships have a difficult time maintaining the proper closeness. It might work out better if you just keep the same relationship you’ve always had—don’t try to change the way you interact just because you’re dating now.