5 Ways to Let Him Know You Have No Plans for Your Day Off

It’s nice to have someone take you out on your day off when you have nothing going on. But can you get a guy to ask you out by hinting that you have no plans? We gathered women’s opinions on the topic, and, below, share five ways to let him know you have nothing planned for an upcoming day off.

1. Hint that you have nothing happening: “I don’t know what I should do on my next day off…”

Many women try to let a guy know that they’re free to go out by mentioning that they don’t have a plan for their days off. “It’s a subtle approach, but he’ll know that you’ll be free if he wants to ask you out,” suggested a woman in her 20s. Try mentioning this aloud when he’s close by, and he might ask you if you’re free to do something with him.