5 Important Characteristics of An Attractive Woman: A Man’s Perspective

As a woman, it always feels good to be told how “cute” or “pretty” you are, but it would mean a lot more if he thinks of you as “attractive” overall. We asked single men who range in age from their late teens to their early thirties about the topic, and, based on their responses, we identified some of the characteristics men find attractive in women.

1. You are caring, and have an infectious smile.

“I feel that an alert person is an intelligent person. She has to be aware to always care about others. Also, a good smile just brightens up everything,” says a man in his late 20s. It may sound like a cliché, but men are most often attracted to “nice” women. If you notice an empty glass at a party, or if you’re a great listener with a contagious smile, you can certainly pick up bonus points here and there. Give it a try.

2. You are quick, and have an impeccable wit.

“Regardless of what the situation is, she can be so witty with her responses. I bet she’s really sharp,” speculates a young man in his 20s. A conversation is like a tennis match. A woman who is an excellent player in the game of conversation is a force to be reckoned with. Still, be careful, and know your boundaries. You don’t want to be considered argumentative or snotty.

3. You don’t flirt, and you treat everyone the same.

“It doesn’t matter whom she’s talking to. She’s polite to everyone and I respect her for that,” said an impressed man in his 20s. Being fair and level-minded, you’ll earn everybody’s respect for sure. Maintaining a high moral standard is easier said than done, of course, and isn’t something that happens overnight. Always try to be conscientious with your everyday conduct.

4. You are always calm and collected.

“She’s mentally and emotionally stable, and that tells me she’s mature,” a young man in his late teens said admiringly. A woman who can handle any situations with a cool head and rational mind will provide a positive impression that conveys sophistication and wisdom. Even when you’re faced with a catastrophe, try not to panic. Exhibit behaviors that highlight your ability to think logically and make sound decisions. You may even draw envious stares from men around you.

5. You have style, and are confident with yourself.

“It’s very attractive for a woman to have a style that is unique to her,” exclaims a man in his late 20s. A woman who has a backbone and who doesn’t get absorbed or consumed by current trends shines particularly bright in the eyes of many men. Don’t get confused—this is not the same as simply wearing eccentric clothes or making absurd comments for the sake of being outlandish. You need to know yourself first and explore what brings out the best in you.