5 Types of Messages Guys Send Only to the Woman They Want to Date

When a guy sends you frequent messages, you might have a hard time telling if he’s interested in you or if he’s like that with everyone else. This time, we asked single guys in their teens to their 20s for their opinions on the topic, and introduce five types of messages guys send only to the woman they want to date.

1. He sends images that catch your attention, such as beautiful scenery or cute kittens.

He might send you images that women tend to like in the hopes that you will react to them. “If I like someone, I want her to pay attention to me. So, I send images that might help us start a conversation,” a guy in his 20s explained. If you get a message of this sort, write back saying something like “That’s beautiful” or “That’s so cute.” Then, figure out what his true intention is.