9 Reasons Why He Does Not Show His Affection

One thing that makes any woman in a relationship happy is hearing his verbal expression of affection. It is better than any gift. Yet, men find it difficult to spit out those simple words. Especially as relationships mature, they can become more and more reluctant to express their feelings. It is a stressful situation for many women. What are the reasons behind their inability to say “I love you”? Today, we asked men the reasons why they don’t say “I love you” more often.

1. I’m too shy to say it.

Some men are simply too shy to say “I love you,” and some even think it’s not masculine. Women may find this baffling, but a significant number of men experience difficulty spelling these three words out. It is not as easy as you think for them to share their feelings openly. Of course, it depends on the personality of your boyfriend, but don’t be too quick to interpret his inability to say “I love you” as “He doesn’t love me.”