5 Comments That Men Are Glad to Hear at The End of The First Date

Some say that the most important moment during a first date is when you say good-bye. The last comments you exchange, or the smile you share, have particular significance in reflecting how well the first date went. They not only signal how much fun was had on the date, but leave a lasting impression and build anticipation towards your next date together. It’s almost a critical prelude to how your relationship will pan out. Today, we gathered responses from young single men on the comments they want to hear at the end of their first dates. You’ll be surprised that they are quite simple and innocent.

1. “That was so fun!”

“When she tells me she had fun, it’s well worth the effort I put into planning the date,” a man in his 20s tells us. Because it’s the first date, he’s most concerned if you had a good time or not. They figure that the statement “It was fun” means that “The first date went well”, but it’s awkward to come straight out and ask how the date was. Many men are often left wondering if the date was successful or not. If you really enjoyed the date, give him the green light and let him breathe a sigh of relief.