5 Expectations Guys Have When They Say They’re into Intelligent Women

Just like some guys are into women who are kind and pretty, there are also guys who are into women who are those things, but also intelligent. But what do guys look for in an intelligent woman? This time, we gathered opinions from single guys in their teens and their 20s and share some expectations guys have when they say that they have a thing for smart, intelligent women.

1. He wants someone with whom he can have high-level discussion about work, or about his nerdy hobbies.

Guys want someone with whom they can enjoy a conversation as equals. “It’s rare to find women with whom I can talk on an equal footing,” explained a guy in his 20s. This expectation is especially common among guys who are in highly-specialized professions, or guys who have nerdy hobbies. They get excited when they meet women who know about their area of expertise, so try to play along if your crush is like this.