“Are you here for a date or would you rather be someplace else?” 5 Behaviors That Discourage Men from Making Conversation

Especially during the first couple of dates, men get nervous, wondering if you’re enjoying your time together or not. They try hard to find a common thread to keep the conversation rolling and to entertain you. Yet, depending on how you react, he may get irritated and lose interest in chatting with you. Today, we surveyed over 100 single men aged between their late teens and early 30s, and share below five irritating things they want you to quit.

1. You only respond with “Yeah” and “Uh-huh”.

“I may not be fun or exciting, but please at least show some enthusiasm when I ask a question,” a disappointed young man in his 20s tells us. You keep dropping the ball when it lands in your court by not expanding the conversation. If you’re not good at lively chats and struggle to find something to ask, start by asking the same questions back to him. It’s important to show him that you want to engage in the conversation.