8 Unexpected and Surprising “Landmine” Topics That Will Make You Think, “No Way! Does That Really Make Him Angry?!”

It can be difficult for a woman to understand the male mind, and there’s a danger of annoying your boyfriend with just a few careless words. Based on a survey of guys, in this article we introduce “8 unexpected and surprising guys’ ‘landmine’ topics that will make you think, ‘No way! Does that really make him angry?!’”

1. Measuring his love by asking, “Which is more important, me or your work?”

“If it’s someone who asks that kind of question, then I would have to choose my work!” Asking your boyfriend to prioritize how much he loves you can make him feel like he’s being told, “Just forget about everything else and be in love with me!” It’s probably best to avoid forcing him to compare you with other things he values, like his work and friends.