9 Things You Can Say to Heal Your Friend’s Broken Heart

Breaking up can be devastating. It can tear a girl up and make her feel like she’ll never be able to smile again. Even in those dark days, there are some phrases friends can use to instantly improve a heartbroken girl’s mood. We surveyed a group of women and found nine things you can say to heal a friend’s broken heart.

1. “Of the billions of people on the planet, at least half of them are men.”

“It makes me feel like, ‘Hey, with those odds, maybe I will run into Mr. Right someday after all.’” Make her stop obsessing over one inconsequential guy. This can help her get out of her rut and start looking at other guys. Focusing on the future can be especially helpful for a friend who is caught up thinking, “But I need him and only him!” even though the relationship has been over for a long time.