There Are No Flies on Him! 9 Ways Guys Find out Their Girlfriends Are Cheating

According to private detectives, more than 90% of their clients who ask for investigations into affairs are women. It seems like guys hardly ever think their girlfriends might be two-timing them. So what, if anything, might make a guy suspect his girlfriend is cheating? We surveyed guys to bring you nine things that tell a guy his girlfriend is cheating.

1. Information about the affair is leaked by another girl who has a crush on him

“My girlfriend’s friend told me, ‘Yesterday, I saw her walking with another guy.’” Sometimes, a friend or acquaintance who has a crush on your boyfriend might see you out with another guy and give the whole thing away. If you’re close to someone and you know they have feelings for your boyfriend, it’s best not to make any careless moves around them.