5 Ways to Say Goodbye After A First Date That Didn’t Go Well

You went on a date with a guy and had a great time, but did he also enjoy the time spent together? Unfortunately, the feelings may not be mutual. What if he feels that the first didn’t go well, and that there won’t be a second one? What would he say at the end of the date? Today, we gathered a group of young, single men, aged between their late teens and late 20s, and asked them to share the lines they use to say “goodbye” to women with whom they didn’t see a future with.

1. “Let’s get together with our friends next time.” Avoiding being alone with you.

“I emphasize ‘friends’ and, nine times out of ten, women understand that there will be no more dates,” a man in his late teens explains. By bringing friends into the picture, he’s sending a message that there won’t be an intimate date happening anytime soon. Despite your invitations to go to a movie or a planetarium, if he keeps suggesting a BBQ with friends, you should probably read between the lines and give it up.