4 Ways to Avoid Breaking Up After He Admits, “I Like Someone Else …”

You have probably heard that classic story about the time when, out of the blue, your friend’s boyfriend suddenly confessed to her, “I’ve fallen for someone else …” and they ended up breaking up right there and then. If you were ever put in that position, you might feel like breaking down and blaming him for everything. However, thinking realistically, what do you think would be the best way to react to him telling you, “I like someone else …”? How could you turn this difficult situation into a positive one?

1. “I wonder if it’s partly my fault you feel like that. If so, I’m sorry.”

If you act as if it is a forgone conclusion that you will break up, you will likely find him making that exact decision right there. First, it is a good idea to validate his feelings by accepting the situation and saying, “Maybe I’m partly to blame for you feeling like that. I’m sorry.”