8 Ways to Deal with Your Boyfriend if He Gets Too Intimate in Public

If your guy is pretty bold with his expressions of love, he may want to get closer in public than you’re comfortable with. Even if you’re in the mood, you don’t necessarily want to express it where others can see. How can you react to let him know you’re not happy with his behavior without creating bad feeling between you? This time we asked girls to complete our questionnaire, and here we present 8 ways to deal with your boyfriend if he gets too intimate in public.

1. Make him anticipate the thrill: “If you hold off now, it’ll be more exciting later.”

“I try reasoning with him and telling him, ‘If you have to wait before you eat, the food tastes better, right?’ (laugh)” Up his anticipation, and make him wait. You could also shift the topic, and get him imagining the kinds of things you can do later.