9 Behaviors That Will Make Your Boyfriend Think, “She’s Hiding Something!”

In any relationship, it’s not always the best thing to tell your boyfriend absolutely everything. However, if you’re bad at hiding things, not telling him about something may lead to a misunderstanding. You may find yourself accused of something you didn’t do. So here, we surveyed some of our male readers and asked them to comment on “9 behaviors that will make her boyfriend think, ‘She’s hiding something!’”

1. When she turns down a date for some vague reason, saying, “There’s something I need to do”

“It makes me suspicious, like maybe she’s going to a social mixer?” In situations like these, you run the risk of appearing to be hiding your true plans. You’d be better off giving a specific reason for not being able to go on a date, like “Some work stuff suddenly came up,” or “I want to go out with my friends.”