9 Ways You Become a Heavy Burden to Him

You are madly in love with him. You want him around you all the time, the perfect boyfriend. Are you being overbearing, though? Today, we asked men if they had overbearing girlfriends whose affection was just a bit too much to handle. Here are their responses, detailing when they felt like they were being suffocated by love.

1. You send email and text messages regardless of the time.

“I have to get up early and I’m too exhausted to deal with her late-night messages.” You want to connect with him 24/7, but being inconsiderate of his schedule will place undue stress on him when he’s busy. It is basic etiquette to avoid texting him at work or late at night, but you should also find out if there is a time of the day he prefers not to receive your text messages.