Do you think you are my mother? 9 Meddling Things You Do That Upset Your Boyfriend

Giving each other some space and behaving appropriately as a girlfriend are prerequisites to making your relationship last. Although you are dating, if you carry your kindness to excess or act as if you own the place, your boyfriend might get irritated. This time, based on our survey of guys, we introduce to you “Do you think you are my mother? 9 meddling things you do that upset your boyfriend.”

1. You get pushy and try to set a curfew for him, like “You need to come home by ○ o’clock!”

“It rubs me the wrong way when she tells me what time I need to come home, like that’s normal.” You overstep your boundaries by setting a curfew. Curtailing your boyfriend’s freedom might be met with objections. A better way to communicate your affection would be to let him know more modestly, by saying something like, “It makes me more comfortable when you come home earlier.”