“He acts like he has no interest in women.” 5 Ways to Win His Heart

He probably was hurt badly in his last relationship. He hasn’t had a girlfriend for a while and he forgot how to mingle with women or make himself available to them. You probably know a person like that and, it just so happens, you fell in love with him. What’s the best way to approach him so that he’ll let his guard down and open up to you? We asked 200 women, aged between their late teens and early 30s, to share their crafty ways of winning his heart.

1. Let him get used to your presence as a friend.

“If he hasn’t had any women in his life, try starting off as a friend,” sighs a woman in her 20s. There’s no shortcut to winning him over! You just have to cultivate your friendship first and hope that it’ll develop into something more exclusive. Monitor his reaction as you spend more time together, and gradually appeal to him that you’re looking for something more than a friendship.