9 Situations When Men Are Impressed with Your Maturity

Women tend to seek qualities such as reliability and kindness in men. But what do men look for in women? What makes them admire and respect a woman? Today, we introduce you to some of the situations where men said a woman impressed them.

1. You can keep a cool head in less than ideal situations.

“If a woman can take rational action without being emotional, I feel that she is a mature individual.” Some men respect your ability to keep your cool in less than perfect conditions and make the best of what you have. Especially when the men are themselves stressing out and panicking, your cool and collected manner will impress them.

2. You can carry on a polite, mature conversation.

“I was impressed with how sophisticated she was.” As an adult woman, you should be able to carry out mature conversations without feeling intimidated. If you are not overly confident about your mannerisms or vocabulary, you may want to take note of how TV newscasters conduct themselves.

3. You quietly watch horseplay at a party with a smile.

“She doesn’t join in with the foolish commotion, but she doesn’t condemn it either. She just smiles and watches over us while we make fools of ourselves at a party.” You maintain a certain distance and watch people having fun without interfering, just as a mother would do. Men find a certain comfort in your mature attitude and ability to let the fun roll on undisturbed.

4. You only buy what you need.

“I bet she will be great at budgeting. She is perfect wife material.” When he is getting ready to search for his future partner, your mature attitude about managing finances will win his approval. You may want to casually mention that you have been setting money aside for the future or that you budget your spending every month.

5. You corrected his overly optimistic view.

“I am an optimistic person by nature and I tend to express wishful thinking. She made me realize that I wasn’t being practical. I was touched by how concerned she was about me.” Your empathy for others is a reflection of how content you are with your life. Even if you are madly in love with him, when you see him making a mistake in his life, speak up and let him know.

6. You invited him to the quiet restaurant you frequent.

If you have a favorite restaurant that offers great ambiance, he will appreciate your mature taste. If you don’t have a favorite restaurant, it’s not too late to look for one. Try a restaurant that you can visit on your own and see if you like the relaxing atmosphere.

7. You always add a closing sentence in your email to wish him well.

It may be typical in business letters to add a closing paragraph, but we tend to forget this extra step when we compose a personal email. If you remember to add your caring thoughts in closing, it will leave a lasting impression on him. Don’t forget—all’s well that ends well.

8. You bring lunch every day.

If you bring lunch every day, at a minimum, it means that you don’t mind cooking. The fact you can plan your menu daily sends the message that you are good in the kitchen, and it also shows that you manage your money well. More fundamentally, if you can monitor what you eat and take good care of yourself, you are a responsible, mature woman.

9. You are effective in training your subordinates.

You are fair and rational when training your peers and subordinates and that earns you respect from those around you. If you see men having a hard time connecting with female employees, step up your game and offer to train them. You will be praised for your skills and valued as a team player.