9 Ways You Might Accidentally Make Your Ex Think You Still Want Him

When you can’t ask someone directly how they feel, all you can do is make assumptions based on how they act. However, sometimes a woman’s ambiguous phrasings and actions can accidentally make her ex-boyfriend stop and think, “Hey, it sounds like she’s still in love with me…” We surveyed a selection of men to bring you this article, “9 Ways You MIght Accidentally Make Your Ex Think You Still Want Him.”

1. Sending him a friend request on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

“I’d definitely think she was still into me if she sent me a friend request.” She probably just sent him the request on a whim, but many men would take this as a serious sign that she is still interested in him. It is a different story if you stayed friends after the breakup. If you haven’t heard from each other in a while, though, it would be better to avoid sending that friend request.